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SB Room Blocks offers a variety of services including Site Selection, Hotel Contract Negotiation, Hotel Room Block Management and Marketing. 


SB Room Blocks is pleased to work with the hotel of your choosing or assist you in selecting the perfect property for your room block. If you do not have a particular hotel in mind, we will research hotel properties in your area and put together the best findings.

Hotel Contract Negotiation

The owners of SB Room Blocks have extensive experience in negotiating room blocks for groups.

We have been successful in securing the lowest possible room rates for our clients in addition to obtaining perks for the client. Some thing can include negotiate include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Highly discounted or free suite(s) for VIP(s)

- Special group rate offered up until three days prior to event

- Free VIP amenities (champagne, wine, etc.)

- Extra frequent guest points earned

- Restaurant coupons

- Discounted shuttle service

- Complimentary airport transfers

Room Block Management

Once your room block has been set up, it is important to monitor the reservation activity within your official block. Since many hotels offer perks based on fulfilling the room block, we are constantly keeping track of the number of reservations booked. By requesting weekly reports from the hotel, we can take necessary steps to add more rooms to your block at the special group rate or scale your numbers back.


Getting the word out to your guests about your room block is key. After all, the more reservations that your event generates for the hotel(s), the more freebies and extras you will get! SB Room Blocks is able to market to you guests in a variety of ways:

Email Marketing - If you can provide email addresses for your guests, we can create a customized email newsletter announcing your room block. We will use your logo, colors, approved pictures and event theme to create a one of a kind email. The newsletter will include your official hotel(s), hotel address, directions to your venue, special group rate and instructions as to how to go about making reservations. Website Link - Depending upon the chosen hotel property, we can link your website to your official hotel's website for a seamless reservation process.

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